About Project ELM

Students in a classroom and a teacher with a student


Project ELM will provide teachers with data that can be used to modify instruction and/or incorporate in a Response to Intervention (RtI) model.

Teachers will receive graphs on a regular basis that update them on student progress in:

  • Letter Naming Fluency
  • Letter Sound Fluency
  • Phoneme Segmentation Fluency
  • Nonsense Word Fluency
  • Decoding Fluency



Identifying “At-Risk” Students

Project ELM is working with teachers and using the data from the fall screening assessment in kindergarten, such as TPRI or DIBELS scores, to identify students who might be good candidates for the project.
Project ELM will send parent permission forms home with students who are considered to be at some risk for later reading difficulties.
Project ELM will target 5-6 students per kindergarten classroom, or more if the teacher is willing.


Teacher Participation:

Teachers or school staff will not be responsible for assessment of students. We will ask teachers to assist us by:

  • obtaining parent permission for students to participate (which will involve having teachers send home permission forms and/or reminders), and
  • complete some brief questionnaires that pertain to instruction, intervention the students are receiving, and other aspects pertaining to the students in the project such as their behavior, attention skills, etc.

For their participation with these activities, teachers will be paid a stipend of $20 per student per kindergarten year. We will target 5-6 students per kindergarten classroom, or more if the teacher is willing. Teachers of first and second grade students will each receive $10 per student per year.
We will provide you and the classroom teachers with a brief and simple summary of student performance after each biweekly assessment. The project does not require you to do anything with these data. Ideally, teachers can use these data to determine how well children are responding to reading instruction and can make adjustments accordingly.

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